Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Resources Page Added

As I mentioned in the previous post (also in the very first post, come to think of it), I want to have a single place to point people to for links to all the important internet resources I have found related to fibrinogen amyloidosis. I'm still in the process of gathering up all the articles I have, making a list of them, figuring out how to find them on the internet again, etc. But if I wait for that project to be completed and perfect I might never put anything out there. So I have now published the Fibrinogen Amyloidosis Resources page. It can be accessed on the right side of the blog, under the "Pages" heading. Here is the URL: http://fibrinogenamyloidosis.blogspot.com/p/links-to-resources.html

I know there are at least four articles I have not listed yet (including a relatively new one), but they'll be added soon. I'm finding as I read over these articles again there are usually other articles they refer to that are worth looking up, leading to other articles that are worth looking up, etc. It has also been interesting doing a little research into the history of this mutation and where in the world it is most frequently diagnosed.

As with the other page, email and RSS subscribers will not be notified of updates, but I'll mention anything significant in a blog post. I'm also working on a central location to make all of these articles available for download (probably using Dropbox, which is simply awesome), so that will be announced at some point in the near future.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. In the next episode of As The Amyloid Turns we have a bit of international drama: From Russia With Love.

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